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"Never have I had someone spend so much time with me, and address my complete medical history & current symptoms."

Appointment Types

Please note: Dr. Pharis' practice is entirely virtual and all appointments are completed via telehealth phone and video options. New patient appointments are completed by video conference and are solely available to MN residents.

Pediatric Initial Office Visits (Telehealth video call)

Initial pediatric office visits are for children under the age of 12. Visits last approximately 75 minutes, and include a thorough intake with the parent, caregiver, and/or child. Once an appointment has been made, you'll be asked to fill out health information prior to the appointment. We request copies of any recent lab work, imaging, or health records prior to your visit.​


Return Office Visits (Telehealth video or phone options)

The first follow-up appointment is scheduled around 4-6 weeks after your first office visit, and will last approximately 50 minutes. The visit will include reviewing results of any new lab work ordered at the initial visit, as well as a discussion on how your current treatment plan is progressing. Any necessary changes will be made based on your lab results and experience with the treatment plan so far.


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